Located off the tip of Viet Nam’s south coast, Phu Quoc is a haven for nature and sea lovers looking for a place to unwind. The island is considered “off the beaten track” as it remains remarkably undeveloped. Phu Quoc’s virgin forests and pristine white sand beaches make this an ideal place for trekking, diving, and snorkeling.


The infrastructure remains basic with dirt roads and a small number of four-star properties. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway without any distractions or a noisy nightlife then Phu Quoc is the ideal place to visit.


- Area: 595 sq km

- Population: 105,000

- Aver. annual temp. | humid.: 28C or 82F | 


Place of interest:

- Tranh waterfall

- Fish sauce factory

- Phu Quoc prison

- Vin Pearl land

- Fishing/snorkelling tour

- Pearl farm

- Ho Quoc pagoda